3 Tips for becoming a goalkeeper for beginners

The role of goalkeeper or goalkeeper is very important in a soccer game. Goalkeepers not only act as the last door that must be passed by the opponent when going to score. A goalkeeper is often even considered the person who leads the entire team, especially the defenders, in defense. However, do not worry if you just tried your luck in this position. Here are a variety of beginner goalkeeper tips that you can try in order to shine on the green field. Aside from that, you may also need to check out the best goalkeeper gloves 2018, due to your equipment will affect your performance during a soccer match as well.

Tips goalkeeper of soccer for beginners

You need to master the techniques of keeping the goal well. Whether it’s a technique of dismissing and catching the ball, leadership techniques in the back, to jump techniques and reflexes are good. And Gaspar, a renowned international goalkeeping coach, argues that it is very important for the young goalkeeper to assume that every practice is a World Cup match. In addition, what are the goalie tips that are important for beginners?

1. Do not be careless when the ball is away

Maybe you used to wonder, what do goalkeepers do when the ball is in the opponent’s defense area? Of course, the cameras on TV will cover the area where there is a ball and do not cover the goalkeeper.

Can he sit around to relax for a moment? The answer is not at all. A goalkeeper must stay focused, even when the ball is in the opponent’s penalty box though. Losing focus for goalkeepers is a fatal thing.

However, if you are tired to continue to focus for 90 minutes, at least use the boundary benchmark centerline. You must be ready when the ball is over the limit. Never start to get ready when the opponent and his ball have set foot in the 16.5-meter box.

2. Confidence

Mental power plays a big part in a game. So confidence for every player in the team becomes very important. Loss of confidence will affect your performance. In addition, do not let one or two mistakes you make reduce your confidence.

To increase your confidence, you can analyze what mistakes have been made during the game and make plans and exercises to prevent the error coming to the front. Good preparation will increase your confidence.

3. Watch the ball

The usual mistake that a budding goalkeeper makes is that he is not aware that what they see and watch is their opponent, not the ball he is playing. Remember that the main task of a football goalkeeper is to make sure there is no ball coming into your goal. In other words, your focus as a goalkeeper is on the ball, not on the opponent.

You also need to think occasionally to get ahead leaving the 16.4-meter box to secure the ball. Of course, this is done if the circumstances allow and is the best step for you at that time. However, you should immediately return to your original position and refocus.