A leaking pipe can attract cockroaches

How to eradicate the most effective home cockroach is to find the nest. That way you can spray a cockroach pest with one spray. You are not bothered by the action of chase cockroaches and hit it with sandals. In addition to dirty, ex-fluid cockroaches that hit the sandals, can also spread the disease if not immediately cleaned. You need to know the favorite places of cockroaches. Meanwhile, you can also call the London pest control for hiring the professional exterminators.

Water Source from Leaking Pipe

Cockroaches can survive for a month without food. But these animals cannot live without water in the span of a week. Therefore, the cockroach likes damp, wet, and dark places like under a sink cabinet with a leaking pipe. Especially when the place under the sink is closed and there are many pots and kitchen items stored. Immediately locate the water pipe leak in your home.

Get rid the things in the sink cabinet first so you more easily find a cockroach nest and exterminate it. Next, fix the water pipe leak the sink so that the cockroach does not come back again and make the nest.