The safe way to buy a sunglasses

Make sure again, there is a UV symbol in the black eyeglass that you choose. Usually, it shaped a sticker with UV letters surrounded by sunlight. It says “100 percent absorption” or “UV 400”. This is necessary even for the best sunglasses for running oakley. So be it for your traveling or jogging, the UV protection does matter aside from the style of the sunglasses itself.

The latter term means that black glasses can block waves shorter than 400 nm, including UVA and UVB rays. If the writing is not detailed, for example only “UV absorbs”, you should put the black eyeglass in place.

Do not Care for Colors

No need to choose the glass of the blackest color. The darker the glass, not necessarily the more powerful the protection. Other colors like blue, green, or even pink actually have the same function. The colors are made only for different fashion tastes.

You can also adjust the color of the environment. For example, green glasses are more suitable for use in the morning or dusk.