Keep in touch with your contacts why you’re studying in the UK

Communicating with your relatives during your college days in England is very important. Mobile is very practical to communicate. But you certainly can save money if you use the Skype facility that can make free international calls or with a very low cost. Communication is always an important matter, so don’t lose your contact with anyone who knows you in the UK. As for proving yourself as someone who is capable of speaking English well, you can try taking the B1 cefr test. It’s necessary for getting the Visa as well.

If you own a smartphone you can also use apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts or Blackberry Messenger to make instant communication free of charge.

Make sure you use local operators in the UK to reduce expensive roaming charges. If you live in an apartment with your friends, you can also sign up for broadband access using your home phone line. You can search and compare the best broadband options to suit your needs on many websites.