2 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf!

Many people think that golf is a sport that is not cheap because you have to buy golf equipment, ranging from golf clubs to remote gauges golf swing that you can read in Quick buying guide articles. In addition, playing golf can take hours, or maybe their knowledge of golf is very poor so they will not play sports where they do not know the rules and understanding of the sport. But we can dismiss for a few reasons with 2 things that will benefit us while playing golf!

Open Space, Natural Beauty, and Nature Landscape
Playing golf you will get an open space with natural beauty and natural scenery so one in front of your eyes. In addition to exercise, we can also get closer to nature, to be able to calm our minds.

Golf Is the Basic Form of Physical Activity
Statistics show that in one round of golf with an average distance of about 7 km. You will walk with low intensity within 4-5 hours, and you will burn about 1000 kcal fat!