Do not Suppress Your Nose After Doing Rhinoplasty

The nose is the center of a person’s face so that with little change it will give a big physical appearance change. Therefore, there are many men and women, not only in Korea alone but throughout the world, who decided to do plastic surgery nose. Unfortunately for every type of plastic surgery, it must be through the healing process that is sometimes long and painful. There are also things that need to be considered and implemented for best-operating results. Want to know how to reduce swelling quickly after surgery plastic nose.

Avoid pressure or other disturbances on the nose so as not to disturb the healing process of the nose. Implants take time to set inside your nose appropriately. Suppressing the nose during sneezing, or even just touching it causes the implant to change or move. If you wear glasses, then you should avoid using glasses for at least 4 weeks. But depending on the method of surgery performed by the doctor, maybe you can use glasses. Be sure to ask this to the surgeon at the hospital where you do the nose plastic surgery. If you want a trusted treatment, you can visit our website and meet our Board certified plastic surgeon.