How to Choose a Food Container?

In preparing school children, besides stationery and uniforms, of course, you also prepare a bottle of drink and meal prep bag for them. What materials are good for containers? Just check out the following info!

Choose bright and attractive colors to give a cheerful impression. Red, pink, green, blue, yellow and various variations can be an option. However, you should still be vigilant with the use of colors that are not ‘food grade’, it is because hot or warm foods put in these containers will be contaminated.

Heat Resistant
In addition to materials and colors, the size of the container and the type of container is very important. Containers aka lunch box there is a regular plastic box but there is also an airtight and there is a heat resistant thermos that can store food for up to 8 hours. If the children just need a snack in the form of cake or snack, can be used the ordinary plastic box. But if the children have to bring lunch, you should use a thermos so that the rice and soup or side dishes stay warm when he’s eating lunch and staying clean.