Ways for preventing pregnancy by using condoms

Condoms can prevent sperm from entering Miss V and reach the egg while having sex, so pregnancy can be prevented. Well, so you can have sex comfortably without worry, pay attention to the following ways to use condoms. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to buy condoms online, if you hate to buy condoms in public.

Materials Condoms

There are different types of condoms made from different materials, namely latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene, synthetic, and natural ingredients of the sheep’s intestines. Choose a latex condom that effectively prevents sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy.

Package and Expiry Date

Note the packaging and expiration date of the condom before use. If the packaging is damaged or the expiration date has passed, do not continue using.

Usage Time

Use a condom every time you want to have sex, including when you want to have anal or oral sex. Wear it before starting sexual contact and release after ejaculation.

Be Careful When Wearing It

When opening the condom pack, do it carefully, because the condom is easily torn if exposed to something sharp like a nail or jewelry. Be careful also when removing air trapped at the end of a condom by using your thumb or forefinger.